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Devil Ark updated their cover photo. ...

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WE'VE DONE IT! THANK YOU on behalf of our team personally, Devil Ark as an organisation and the Tasmanian devil!! Know that their population will increase as a result of what YOU have done! Keep your eyes peeled on Monday for a more elaborate update and thank you video!

Once again, THANK YOU, we couldn't have done this without EACH AND EVERY one of you!!

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ONLY 3 HOURS TO GO! Wow! Look at this support! Let's keep this momentum up, we're too close to not reach our target! We only have 2% left to reach our goal so PLEASE pledge your support - ...

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4 HOURS TO GO!! We are so close! This is your chance to help, we're just 2% short on reaching our goal or else all is refunded! Come on Aussies, help bring it home!!! Pledge your support now - ...

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LESS THAN 12 HOURS TO GO! We've come so far, so please help us just a little more! Tassie devils are depending on you! Pledge your support - ...

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