Xmas DevilBecome a Devil Ark Angel

It’s hard to imagine a world without the iconic Tasmanian devil. When you adopt a new baby devil, your gift will help protect a devil for life. From as little as $25 a month, you can make a real difference. Not only a unique Christmas present for your loved one, but also a life changing gift for your chosen Tasmanian devil.

Your donation will be supporting Devil Ark’s essential conservation work – ensuring the survival of this threatened species. $25/month adoption will buy food for your devil for the year!


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QuollsQuolls return to the wild – Back to Booderee

Help send Eastern quolls back to the wild at Booderee National Park! With your help via a crowdfunding campaign this year, we were able to establish an insurance population of quolls at Aussie Ark.

Since then, we have had enormous success in breeding and now have 20 Eastern quolls destined to return to the wild in early 2019, following their extinction from the mainland half a century ago. You can help support their journey back to the wild! Your donation will support this historical release and ensure the survival and growth of this wild population.

$50 – Will allow for one purpose built transport box to carry quolls back to Booderee
$100 – Will provide pre-release veterinary health checks to ensure Quolls heath prior to release.


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Brushtails to Barrington

Protect brushtail rock wallabies this Christmas by helping to establish an insurance population at Aussie Ark! With specialised facilities having just started construction, and founding individuals arriving before the new year, you can help us be ready for their arrival!

$50 – Will contribute to building homes for the Brush tail rock wallabies
$100 – Will buy 1 metre of fence to help protect this species into the future


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This Christmas you can make difference to Aussie Ark

Aussie Ark is an innovative conservation initiative committed to delivering results for some of Australia’s most imperiled species. The vision of Aussie Ark is to create a long-term future for Australia’s threatened wildlife. The success of the globally recognised Devil Ark model provides the foundation behind this ambitious, yet achievable conservation solution to facilitate the reintroduction of these species and improve ecosystem functionality and restore the habitat. “We have proven through Devil Ark that insurance populations work.

Now it’s time to harness that and look to ecological function and reintroduction” Aussie Ark is committed to, ‘on the ground’ outcome based conservation efforts for Australian wildlife. We are focused on the protection of key species, contributing to healthy ecosystems, specifically affecting Eastern Australia, and ensuring their survival long term in the face of many threatening processes.

Our aim is to reintroduce species to habitats they once used to roam and thrive and ‘bringing the bush back’ by restoring them balance of the ecosystem. Aussie Ark is a registered environmental organisation and charitable institution under the Australian Charity and Not for-Profit Commission. Aussie Ark has deductible gift recipient status (DGR status) and is registered for GST purposes.

As a not for profit organisation, Aussie Ark raises the necessary funds to continue its ambitious vision. Investment allows for the construction of captive facilities and predator proof fencing on semi-wild parcels of land.

We thank you deeply for your support in helping us save our native endangered wildlife.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Faulkner – President Devil Ark

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For full details view/download our Christmas Appeal Flyer Here