Devils in the detail…

Have you ever wondered where your donated dollar is best spent? Where did it go? What were the  outcomes? Did it make a difference?

Devil Ark remains the most successful captive breeding facility for the endangered Tasmanian devil on the mainland – starting out in 2011 with 44 founder animals, the facility now holds an impressive 52% of the mainland insurance population being 154 animals. In the last breeding season, Devil Ark bred 36 of the 89 devil joeys in Australia that year equaling 40% of joeys born in captivity in the whole of Australia.

Devil Ark has the most effective operational cost, maintaining each devil at a cost of $2,200 compared to the $10,000 industry average! If Devil Ark managed all devils currently held on the mainland a staggering $2,324,400 savings would be made each year. Devil Ark has managed to care for over half of the devils for a fraction of the cost! We achieve this by being a private organisation, with adaptable management, experienced and long term staff with an understanding of how to run a conservation project with a business sense.


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