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Why become a sponsor …

Devil Ark has become a globally recognised conservation project and a model for its cost efficiencies and captive management strategies. Over the past four years, we have achieved a lot and made a big difference in the future of Tasmanian devils.

Devil Ark needs your help

To achieve this conservation success story it costs over $300,000 a year to operate.

We rely on community and corporate support and Devil Ark is inviting corporate and local businesses to become partners of our Devils in the Wild conservation project. Your financial support will help us continue this vital insurance breeding program continues to have a positive impact to avoid extinction of the Tasmanian devil.

Levels of Support

There are several sponsorship options, enabling companies of any size to participate and play a significant role in preserving our natural heritage for future generations. As a corporate partner of Devil Ark, this would entitle you to the benefits according to the level of sponsorship commitment. We hope you will join us on this amazing journey to save the Tasmanian devil.

If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner or for further information, please contact

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Extinction is not an option!


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