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For just $2 a day, you can help save the Tasmanian devil.

It costs $2 a day to feed a Tasmanian devil at Devil Ark and we currently have over 160 hungry mouths to feed! By making a donation to Devil Ark, you will provide regular financial support, to help save the Tasmanian devil from extinction and enable Devil Ark to continue the breeding program for the insurance population.

Donate today and help make a difference – all donations help fund Devil Ark’s vital conservation work to ensure the survival of the Tasmanian devil. We accept donations by credit card, cheque or direct debit.

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Protect the Tasmanian devil because their survival is in our hands. Thank You for supporting Devil Ark.

* All gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible within Australia.


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Doubling The Ark

Fencing for the future

Your support in our goal to double the Ark is so appreciated! Your pledge of $150 will provide 1 metre of fencing!

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Your support is crucial in helping Devil Ark to succeed in the future! Your pledge of $6,900 will provide 1 home for a devil for 10 years.

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Doubling the Ark
Your support in our goal to double the Ark is so appreciated! Your pledge of $75,000 will provide homes for 8 devils and in 10 years produce over 100 joeys!

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 Your support is crucial in helping Devil Ark to succeed in the future! Your generous contribution will help us to double the size of Devil Ark and continue to fight extinction for the endangered Tasmanian devil.

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